Szczecińska Energetyka Cieplna

SEC Companies

Szczecińska Energetyka Cieplna (SEC), together with its heat engineering companies from the region, deals with production and distribution of systemic heat within its field of action. All the companies cooperate with institutional customers from such businesses as: housing, trade, services, health care, administration and industry.

In order to provide services for individual customers, SEC Szczecin set up the following companies: SEC A, SEC B, SEC C, SEC D, SEC E, SEC H, SEC I, SEC J. Customers serviced by the district heating in Szczecin are settled by SEC A-J, SEC F and SEC G however, provide services to clients who receive the heat from local boiler houses.


Share structure


E.ON edis energia sp. z o.o. 66,41%;

Gmina Miasto Szczecin (City Municipality) 33,43%;

Natural persons 0,09%;

EPS Polska Holding sp. z o.o. 0,07%.

Szczecińska Energetyka Cieplna Sp. z o.o.,
ul. Zbożowa 4, 71-653 Szczecin,
KRS 131910,
NIP (tax identification no.) 851-010-94-44,
share capital: PLN 126.5 million.

Management Board of Szczecińska ENergetyka Cieplna Sp. z o.o.

Mariusz Majkut

President of the Management Board, Director General

A graduate of Management Faculty at Poznań University of Economics and Business, he is responsible for the personnel management policy, infrastructure, the sale policy, acquisition of heating companies, for the local thermal sources in the north-west region of Poland and implementation of the marketing strategy.

Customer Service
Phone +48 91 450 99 99

Customer Service opening hours:
Mon-Fr. 8 AM - 6 PM
Seat SEC Office
ul. Zbożowa 4,
70-653 Szczecin
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Mon-Fr. 9 AM - 2:30 PM
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