Comfortable and warm in your home

Comfortable and warm in your home

Smart heat management

Have you ever thought what would happen if your flat was equipped with a system increasing your life comfort and reducing heating costs at the same time? Our experts are introducing a two-year, pilot programme which will help balance the building’s heating system. Sensors will convey information about the temperature in the building to the system which will optimize heat efficiency. As a result, efficiency will remain stable and your living conditions will become more comfortable. After a two-year pilot stage, the system will become a new SEC product.

Energy savings and cleaner air

We predict that the system will help save heat used in the building while maintaining the temperature at a comfortable level in the apartment.

Sensors installed in the apartments will help learn thermodynamics of the building. Heating will always be optimized, irrespective of the weather and properties of the building, which vary with age. The system regulates proactively and ensures constant energy efficiency of multifamily houses. It helps balance energy use and decrease CO2 emissions, which helps create a more ecological world.

Energy savings and cleaner air

Take care of the environment with us


We will install the sensor on the wall in your apartment, using a special tape, without damage to the wall’s surface. It will take less than 10 minutes to install it.
Our servicemen will choose a place in your apartment with an optimal distance from:

  • heat generating devices,
  • bathroom,
  • places with direct sunlight or drought.

The sensor is charged with a battery which will not need to be exchanged during the test stage.

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The implementation costs of the system are fully covered by SEC


Installation is easy, we use Scotch tape which does not damage the wall’s surface


Test programme duration – 24 months

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