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Cookies policy on the SEC's web page. Terms of Service.

  • 1. Making the content of the website available, so called cookies are applied. Those, include information saved by servers on the user's terminal device, which can be used by servers while each connection with the device, they can also use other technologies of similar or identical functions as cookies. Information on cookies, included in the document, are also used for other similar technologies, used within our websites. Cookies means IT data, in particular test files, which are stored on user’s terminal device. Cookies usually contain name of the website they are from, storage duration on the terminal device and their unique number.

  • 2. The cookies are used to:

    adjust content of the website to the user's preferences and to optimise the website usage; in particular such files allow for identification of the user and adjust the website view to the user's particular needs, and to create statistics which help to understand how the website is used. This allows for improvement of the structure and content as well as maintenance of the website user session (after logging in), thanks to which the user does not have to enter login and password each time when entering subpage of the service, and thanks to which advertisements which are shown, are more adjusted to the user's interests.

  • 3. The following cookies can be used within the website:

    "necessary" cookies, which enable using services available within the site, such as authentication cookies which are used for services that require authorisation within the website, cookies used for safety management, e.g. used to detect malpractices within the services, cookies that enable collecting information on how the website is used, "function" cookies, which enable "remembering" chosen settings and interface personalisation, e.g. chosen language or region the user is from, size of font, interface etc., and the "advertisement" cookies which enable provision of advertising content more adjusted to user's interests.

  • 4. In many cases, web browser allow for cookies storage on the terminal device by default. The settings can be changed by the website users at all times. Such settings can be changed in the web browser settings so to block the automatic support of cookies files or inform each time about placing them on your terminal device. Detailed information concerning possibilities and ways of supporting cookies files are available in the software settings (web browser). Lack of changes to the cookies settings mean the files will be stored on the terminal device and thereby, we will store information on the user's terminal device and gain access to this information.

  • 5. Disabling the cookies may hinder usage of some of the services within the website, in particular those requiring logging. Disabling cookies does not cause lack of possibility to read or see content of the website, save as the content which can be accessed only upon logging in.

  • 6. Cookies can be stored in the website user's terminal device and then employed by advertising and research companies, or by multimedia application providers cooperating with the website.

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