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FAQ - frequently asked questions and answers

There is no statutory begin or end of the heating season. It is always the customer who makes the decision. The administrator of the building should request in writing the enabling or turning off of the heat supply.

It is sufficient that you inform your administrator who will request SEC to enable the service on behalf of you and other inhabitants of the building. Enabling the heat supply all throughout the year is free of charge. You will be charged based on the price list for the heat that you actually use.

If you did not sign the agreement with SEC, first inform the administrator of the building or the local emergency service. It might not be a fault, but works conducted on the internal installation. If you have Logoterma in your flat, contact the service of the company with which you signed the agreement.

Heating prices are set by heat producers and suppliers and can be found in the Heating Tariff. The Tariff needs to be confirmed by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office who guarantees the balance between the interests of the heating company and the customer.

Simply fill in the form at our website and give a consent to receive electronic invoices. You will receive an e-invoice at the beginning of the next settlement period.

Prepare a letter addressed to SEC Customer Service Office and specify the name of the owner/main lessee of the premises, address of the premises, the lessee’s number and telephone number, as well as the address to which the last invoice(s) should be sent. The notice period to terminate the agreement begins from the next month after the notice was given, so the day when the letter is received by the Customer Service Center is taken into account, and not the day on which the letter was sent.

The letter can be sent by traditional post at the address of SEC Customer Service Office or at

We do not accept requests to terminate the agreement by phone, the request is only valid in writing (letter or e-mail).

Attention: Customers who rent premises from TBPS, STBS and ZBiLK need to accompany their agreement termination letter with a delivery and acceptance protocol of the premises. After the notice period, the premises will become assets of the above mentioned administrators.

You do not need to visit out Customer Service Office, you can do it online.

Find the details at sign the agreement online

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