How to read the invoice

Description of a VAT invoice - explanation of terms

Description of a VAT invoice - explanation of terms


Service performance date – the last day of the billing period.


Number identifying the heat consumer in the SEC billing system.


The form of payment, chosen by the Recipient (bank transfer, cash payment in the SEC).

4.- 5.

Variable fee, depending on heat consumption, calculated on the basis of the readings of the heat meter and rates specified for a given tariff group.

6.- 7.

Fixed fee, independent of heat consumption, i.e. an installment of 1/12 of the annual fee, resulting from the multiplication of the ordered thermal power and rates for a given tariff group.


Charge for heated water (i.e. heat carrier), i.e. filling the internal installation for central heating, is charged when filling has occurred. The amount of the fee is determined for a given apartment based on the readings of the water meter installed in the substation.


Ordered power, i.e. the highest thermal power declared by the Customer in the contract for his facility, which – in accordance with the regulations – must be ensured at an outside temperature of -16 ° C, so that all thermal needs in the facility (heating and water heating) can be met usable).


Unit net prices (excluding VAT), according to the prices and rates of charges of the current Tariff for heat or the price list of charges.


Jednostkowe ceny netto (bez VAT), zgodne z cenami i stawkami opłat aktualnej Taryfy dla ciepła lub cennika opłat.

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W – water meter.


L – heat meter.


Symbol denoting a group of Customers with the same heat prices and settlement rules.