Modernisation of the district heating infrastructure in Myślibórz

Modernisation of the district heating infrastructure in Myślibórz

Company: SEC Region

Status: completed

Implementation time frame: January 2013 - December 2014

Project total value: PLN 1,4 MM

Source of funding: own funds

Project objectives:

  • Upgrade the district heating grid infrastructure to ensure its faultless operation
  • Improve financial viability of operation of the district heating system
  • Reduce and stabilise prices for the end consumer

Project benefits:

  • Reduce transmission losses of system heat
  • Reduce the costs of system heat generation
  • Reduce the costs of domestic hot water heating
  • Boost system heat sales
  • Enhance efficiency of the district heating plant
  • Reduce the power purchase costs
  • Reduce meter reading times

Tasks completed:

  • Built new pre-insulated pipe connections to residential areas and public buildings of a total length of 950m
  • Built 15 standalone compact dual-function heating substations
  • Modernised the district heating plant
  • Built a power grid connection for the district heating plant building
  • Purchased and installed measurement systems
  • Purchased RF-based meter reading equipment