Reduce emissions into the atmosphere from the “Dąbska” District Heating Plant

Reduce emissions into the atmosphere from the “Dąbska” District Heating Plant

Company: Szczecińska Energetyka Cieplna

Status: completed

Implementation time frame: January 2006 - December 2008

Project total value: PLN 13,4 MM

Value of subsidy: PLN 6,7 MM

Source of funding: European Regional Development Fund and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management under the Operational Programme “Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises”.

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Project objectives:

  • Upgrade the infrastructure to improve heat production and supply efficiency and quality
  • Adapt the heating plant to stringent environment protection standards with respect to controlling emissions of air pollutants

Project benefits:

  • Achieve compliance with higher environment protection standards, e.g. increasing the average effectiveness of the dust collection system to approx. 95%
  • Ensure faultless operation of the system and increase heat carrier parameters
  • Ensure financial viability of operation of the district heating system

Tasks completed:

  • Upgraded the two existing boilers by installing economisers, reconstructing the dust collection systems and the dust and slag transport system
  • Installed a new boiler
  • Upgraded the water treatment plant to ensure a better quality of the water that circulates in the grid and heating equipment to protect the system against corrosion
  • Installed a system for ongoing monitoring of exhaust gas and particle emissions
  • Reconstructed over 1 km of the district heating network infrastructure along Łubinowa Str. in Szczecin
  • Upgraded 16 heating substations in the Słoneczne, Majowe and Bukowe residential areas.