Reducing exhaust gas and particle emissions from the municipal heating plant of Słubice

Reducing exhaust gas and particle emissions from the municipal heating plant of Słubice

Company: SEC Region

Status: completed

Implementation time frame: June 2013 - March 2015

Project total value: PLN 3,727 MM

Value of subsidy: PLN 5,173 MM

Source of funding: Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014 for Programme PL04 “Rational use of energy and promoting the use of renewable energy sources”, operated by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw.

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Project objectives:

  • Reduce the emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere from the municipal heating plant in Słubice
  • Ensure security and reliability of supply of heat to the area served by the plant

Project benefits:

  • Achieve compliance with higher environment protection standards and adapt the level of particle emissions to the standards implemented since 2016
  • Adapt the heat capacity of the plant to the needs of consumers following the expansion of the network’s main lines and with consideration for the collaboration with the Stadtwerke of the city of Frankfurt
  • Ensure faultless system operation
  • Secure financial viability of operation of the district heating system, without limitation by fully automating boiler operation control systems
  • Improve air quality in the entire region

Tasks completed:

  • Built a new boiler
  • Reconstructed the entire dust collector and the mechanical dust and slag transport system
  • Renovated and overhauled the existing boiler, which included replacing its pressurised part, fittings and its measurement and control equipment
  • Reconstructed the water treatment plant
  • Automated heating plant control
  • Reconstructed the electrical system
  • Reconstructed the pumping station, including its thermal hydraulic systems