Gamma camera for a hospital

Gamma camera for a hospital

We gave funds for a gamma camera for scintigraphy for a public clinical hospital no 2 PUM in Szczecin.

The device uses isotopes and ionising radiation to diagnose, visually and in a non-invasive way, any cancer metastases, tumours, pulmonary circulation disorders and other irregularities in the patient’s body.

Thanks to the scintigraphy camera, physicians can examine the patient morphologically and functionally, as well as specify the treatment’s effectiveness.

The special crystal placed in the device’s head catches the radiation of the isotope given to the patient. The result of the scintigraphy in the form of an image is compatible with the software and is immediately saved on the computer.

Remember, very often an early and accurate diagnosis is the basis of an effective treatment. Let us support those that help others!