If you plan to connect your business to a district heating network, you are at the correct address! We will be happy to assist you with the connection procedure. Email us at biznes@sec.com.pl and our Sales representative will contact you soon, and will become your dedicated account manager.

Connection procedure step by step:

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The completed “Request for specification of district heating network connection conditions”, along with its schedules, needs to be submitted to SEC.

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The documents received – both the request and the schedules attached – are verified for accuracy and completeness. The date of submission is the date on which SEC receives the correctly and completely filled in request. If any missing information or inaccuracy is found, the applicant is asked to rectify and/or supplement the application, as only correctly revised forms may be accepted for further processing.

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At the next step, at SEC we analyse the request in terms of technical and business feasibility of connecting the building(s) to the district heating network. If the request is approved, SEC specifies the requirements for connection to the district heating network in writing and submits such their specification to the applicant.

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If connecting is not feasible due to technical or business reasons, SEC may reject the request. In such an event both the applicant and the President of the Polish Energy Regulatory Office (URE) are notified of SEC’s decision. The connection procedure is commenced as soon as the underlying agreement is executed and can take up to 12 months.

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The conditions for connection to the district heating network are specified free of charge and remain valid for 2 years from the date of issue.

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At SEC, we draft, consult and sign the connection agreement with the customer, a contract which specifies, without limitation, the obligations of the parties, scope of work, delivery dates, SEC’s legal title to the property (particularly the so-called transmission easement), the connection fee and the terms of its payment.

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Upon signing, the connection agreement serves as the basis for commencing design work and for connecting the premises to the district heating network.

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After all the work specified in the connection agreement has been completed and SEC have approved the heat meter, on the customer’s request the heat supply to the newly connected premises can be started.

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Dokument pdf

Schedule 1
Request for specification of district heating network connection conditions

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List of documents
District heating network connection conditions

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Schedules 2a and 2b
Request for connection to district heating network and execution of connection agreement

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The process of connecting to the power grid

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