Photovoltaic solutions

Photovoltaic solutions

At SEC, we use the sun to generate electricity at our “Dąbska” heating plant. The state-of-the-art photovoltaic (PV) farm has a capacity of 99.84kWp and occupies an area of 0.5ha.

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We use the electricity produced by the PV panels for our own purposes, but if needed, we also have the option to output it to the power grid. All the 360 PV panels installed at our facility generate 95 MWhe each year.

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And because this is an environmentally friendly technology, we reduce carbon emissions by as much as 75 tonnes per year.

The solar farm is a pilot project, which enabled us to gain a lot of practical knowledge and hands-on experience in renewable energy sources. If you are interested in a PV project, please contact us.