Service centre

Service centre

The range of our services includes operation and maintenance of internal heating systems of the buildings, which include individual heat distribution units (known as “logoterma”) for each apartment. We will be happy to support you with our services in those tasks.

Our services for Logoterma users include:

  • ongoing equipment adjustment and setup
  • bleeding (air removal)
  • check-ups and adjustment of DHW mixing valves (if exist)
  • cleaning filters and heat exchangers
  • check-ups of the circulation pump assembly (if exists)
  • keeping all plumbing connections inside the Logoterma unit properly airtight, preventing leaks
  • check-ups and fine-tuning adjustments of apartment heating programming units
  • fixing equipment faults
  • 24/7 Heating Emergency Service
  • consumables (lubricants, gaskets, etc.)
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