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Heating and hot water

We offer maintenance-free way of heating flats and municipal water, in the form of systemic heat. It is a safe and comfortable product, made away from the place of living and accessible all year round.

The systemic heat is thermal energy, provided to buildings as the heating and hot municipal water. It goes from the place of its production, by district heating or from a local boiler houses, to the district heating substation, located in a technical building. Subsequently, it travels through installation inside a building to the users' taps and radiators. It is worth remembering that the district heating system and the installation inside the building are two independent closed circuits.

Exchange of the energy takes place in the district heating substation. There, water circulating in the system gives up the heat and comes back to be heated up at the production point. The water circulating inside the building installation, consumes the heat and gives it up in radiators. Hot water is produced by heating the municipal water and transporting though internal installation to taps.


Using our services is:

  • SAFE – no production devices are fixed in your flat, and the radiators are supplied with clean energy which does not threaten your health and life.
  • COMFORTABLE – you do not have to worry about fuel or overhaul of the devices. You get the warmth exactly when you need it.
  • RELIABILIABLE – everything works as it should. Specialised technical services takes care of it 24-hour.
  • ECONOMICAL – if you use the heat in a proper way, and the building you live in is equipped with the weather automation system, you can be sure the cost of consumption is the lowest you can have.
  • ECO – because you heat only your flat, not the whole planet. But remember, do not waste the energy you have at home. We make sure it is produced with care of environment. Join our efforts.

Contract with an individual customer:

    • ID,
    • • Flat Acceptance Protocol,
    • Legal right to the property (purchase or lease contract, nomination).
    • print the application form (download)
    • fill the application in and sign it
    • take the abovementioned documents alongside with the application form and visit the Customer Service at ul. Zbożowa 4, entrance „ B” - GROUND FLOOR, Monday to Friday, 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM. There, at the spot, you can sign the contract with a consultant.
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