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Are you planning to construct or do you own a new building and want to change the already existing heating system - join SEC and choose the systemic heating. We connect facilities to the district heating, and outside its reach, we build new local boiler houses. You can find us in Szczecin, Barlinek, Dębno, Łobez, Myślibórz, Połczyn-Zdrój, Słubice and Strzelce Krajeńskie, and locally in Chociwel, Moryń and Międzyzdroje.

We can offer our services in the whole north-west part of Poland. The parties interested in cooperating with SEC, receive conceptual connection plan, estimated cost of the investment and planned cost of the further operation. All to make it easier to analyse and decide. The subsequent step is to approve cost-effectiveness of the investment and its technical specification - by signing the connection agreement. Implementation is carried out according to the schedule of construction works agreed by the parties.

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Benefits for investors:

  • SEC's participation in the investment costs
  • Competitive price per m2 of dwelling
  • Competitive price of the heating system
  • Safety and comfort for the future users
  • Environmental protection


Download PDF documents – Application for connection to the district heating 980 kB

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